Success Story-Mushroom Cultivation Provides Gainful Employment to Rural Youth                                                                                                 Back


Mr. Munidra Deka, a 22 years old youth from Panbari village of Dhekiajuli, Sonitpur had decided to earn while he was a student of H.S level to assist his lower middle class family. He had undergone a vocational training on scientific mushroom cultivation in 2011. After that he started a small unit under technical guidance of KVK and gradually increased the size of unit which is now of 100 bags capacity. He has been supplying dry as well fresh mushroom to several restaurants and food processing units including the KF, Delight Bakery, Madhur Food Products in Sonitpur and few pickle making industries of Arunachal and Guwahati. Mr. Deka who is now a B.A 3rd year student is presently earning Rs. 47000.00 per year has successfully supported his parents while pursuing his education.