Success Story-Tissue culture banana cultivation at Koroini Bengali Village                                                                                                             Back


KVK, Sonitpur conducted a FLD programme on tissue culture banana in 0.2 ha area at Koroioni Bengali village in Sonitpur district in the farm of Md. Saidur Ahmed ( 36), a school dropout with deep interest in farming . He possesses 3.33 ha Miyadi land and another 7.34 ha land has been leased in by him. Improved farm machineries like tractor,disk harrow, nine tine, water pump and sprayers are available with him. He had come in to contact with KVK, Sonitpur in a training programme organized at his village.

KVK, Sonitpur selected Md. Saidur Ahmed for a FLD programme on tissue culture banana. He was provided tissue culture banana suckers ( var G9) by KVK, Sonitpur from the Dept. of Agricultural Biotechnology, AAU, Jorhat. Other critical inputs like fertilizers, plant protection chemicals were also provided to him. Moreover, facilities of pitcher drip irrigation were provided under AICRP of Dryland Agriculture in his banana orchard . A training programme on cultivation of tissue culture banana was also organized involving RAWEP students under the KVK.

The result of the FLD programme has been an eye opener for Md. Saidur Ahmed and his fellow farmers. He earned net profit of Rs. 5.0 lakh (approx) from 600 tissue cultured banana plants grown in an area of 0.2 ha. He obtained gross income of Rs. 5.95 lakh by selling of banana fruits and suckers with an average productivity of 50 kg/bunch.

The profitability of tissue cultured banana attracted Md. Saidur and his fellow farmers of Korioni village mostly because higher yield, profitability (B:C 6.2) and synchronize fruiting behavior. As a result of of the KVK, intervention, the farmers of the village have come forward for commercial cultivation of tissue culture banana.