Success Story-Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) cultivation under Technology showcasing Program                                                                                        Back


During the year 2015-16, a large demo program on winter paddy var. Ranjit was conducted at Kalita gaon village in Bihaguri area under Balipora subdivision covering 40 ha area involving 129 farmers under the Agricultural Technology Showcasing Program. The farmers of the locality have a strong preference for the Ranjit variety as winter paddy. They generally grow the winter paddy as a transplanted crop. Generally, seeds are sown in the nursery in the month of June and transplanted in the month of July by the farmers. The conventional practice of transplanting 30 days old paddy seedling in puddle soil has many advantages like better weed control, maintenance of proper planting geometry, better water management, proper fertilizer management etc. However, the transplanted paddy cultivation practice is labour intensive and more resources are required for production. On the other hand, direct seeded rice is a resource conservation technology which may yield almost at par with transplanted rice under sound management. A group of farmer led by Mr. Topeswar Bora (52) decided to grow winter paddy var, Ranjit as direct seeded rice under the aforesaid demo program. The farmers underwent a training program on DSR technology organized by KVK which attracted them for the DSR. The brief technology and calendar of activity followed by the farmers are as follows:

1. Date of sowing: 07 July, 2015.

2. Method of sowing: broadcasting of pre germinated seed in puddle soil.

3. Seed rate: 30 Kg/ha. (Foundation seed)

4. Seed treatment: Soaking of seeds in a solution of Bavistin @ 1g / l of water.

5. Land preparation: 4 ploughing followed by laddering for puddling.

6. Fertilizer management: Urea: Urea : 135 kg/ha. SSP: 127.5 Kg/ha, MOP: 67.5 Kg/ha.

7. Water Management: Rainfed.

8. Date of harvesting: 30 November, 2015

9. Duration: 147 days.

10. Yield: 57.0 q/ha.

11. Cost of cultivation: DSR: Rs. 23,500.00/ha

     Transplanted: Rs. 27,500.00/ha

12. Yield of transplanted crop: 60.00 q/ha.

13. B: C: DSR: 2.4

     Transplanted: 2.1


The results of the demo program brought measureable changes in the income and mindset of the farmers. Initially, the farmers were not at all confident on the effectiveness of the DSR technology which they followed in dry seeding of ahu paddy. Winter paddy was never cultivated as DSR in the locality. But on seeing the results of the DSR winter paddy, the farmers have decided to adopt the technology in the coming years. The DSR technology has been spreading in the entire locality through farmers to farmers contact.